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Knowing the unknowns of Cloud Migrations

1st December 2022 11:00 a.m IST


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About The Webinar

Explore how to develop a super simple plan and execute a seamless migration of any workload or data to any cloud

SmartX has exceptional talent and capabilities to help customers achieve cloud migration goals.

We will showcase a service overview, and technical content with practical, real-life examples, authentic use cases and customer case studies. The webinar will focus on discussing all aspects of Cloud Migration and will share practical tips. We will also present the agenda for future deep-dive technical webinars.

The webinar will be aimed at customers in any of the following stages on order early to late maturity.
* The customer is considering using cloud services and wants to develop a cloud strategy. They are in the initial stages of exploring the cloud services landscape, studying the cloud service offerings in the market, and weighing costs and benefits.

* The customer has a strategic direction to refresh the existing applications and infrastructure with new cloud services. The customer is developing a business case for cloud adoption and migrating workloads to the new cloud platform.

* Driving business innovation, refreshing or refactoring existing applications, re-platform workloads for expanding the business, improving operational efficiency, and saving costs could be a few compelling reasons for cloud migration.

* The customer has a business mandate to adopt cloud services and has started a cloud migration journey. They are currently undertaking a technical feasibility study to develop a cloud migration plan

* The customer is undertaking a cloud migration Journey. They have a migration plan with a clear vision and direction on what to migrate and to where. They are on the lookout for a capable vendor that can execute the migration plan.

* Customers in the early stages are our prime focus, and they stand to gain more from the webinar. It can be safely assumed that the customers in the later stage may have already had a preferred vendor.

The outcome of the webinar is to make a positive impact on the customers’ mindset and connect with the customers at all stages of migration. As a result, it generates opportunities and increases deal convertibility from early-stage customers. Therefore, the content is structured to facilitate a discussion and address the pain points of migration in the early planning stage.

1. Knowing Business Drivers – Understanding the business value of the outcome
2. Knowing the unknowns of provider cost and capabilities through a Proof of Concept
3. Evaluate cloud platform capabilities, known and unknown technical limitations, costs, commercial terms, past performance, and future roadmap
4. Knowing applications and isolating unknowns by assessing applications, processes, and migration tools
5. Assess applications against the business value, prioritize the order of migration, identify migration path to the target cloud
6. Simplify migrations with a well-defined plan and schedule resources, People, Processes, and timely availability of tools
7. A well-defined migration plan defines success criteria by application type and business group and describes what, where, how and when to migrate apps and ensures requisite resources are scheduled and available.
8. Ensure and enable the safety of migration path – Piloting People, Processes and Tools
9. Validate workload migration for each application workload type, establish best practice guidance and enable people to actively migrate applications according to schedule.
10. Execution of application workload migrations
11. Discuss best practices and practical tips for successful cloud migration projects
12. Benefit from SmartX Migration framework and best practices

The following technical use cases will be discussed in the webinar
3.1.1 Migrate a legacy application workload from a Physical Server to a Virtual Machine
Identify a monolithic target workload running on a physical server and migrate to the target cloud as a virtual machine. The operating system environment may need minor configuration tuning to run on a virtual machine
3.1.2 Migrate a virtual machine to the cloud virtual machine
Identify application workloads running as a virtual machine and migrate them to the cloud platform as Virtual machines.
3.1.3 Migrate a VMware virtual machine to the VMware engine on the cloud provider platform
Seamless migration of virtual machines running on the VMware platform to the VMware engine on the cloud provider, for example, VMware Cloud on GCP, VMware Cloud on Azure, VMware cloud on AWS.
3.1.4 Refresh and migrate the legacy application Workload VMs
Update the application and OS environment for security patching, software and OS upgrades and migrate the refreshed VMs to the cloud.
3.1.5 Modernize application architecture and migrate to the cloud
The legacy business application is transformed into a containerized, microservice-enabled architecture and migrated to Kube.

About SmartX

We are a technology consulting and services company that provides business solutions driven by cloud-native technologies tailored to the needs of startups and enterprises.

Our services include developing, building, and launching business applications as well as supporting the underlying infrastructure services.

To achieve desired business outcomes, we automate software operations and infrastructure services with DevOps and SRE.

Our services include navigating the array of cloud-based services from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and on-premises solutions; translating legacy applications into cloud-native applications, as well as migrating to and operating on any cloud that is most suitable for the business.

With SmartX’s cloud services, you can accomplish the following:

  • Gain efficiencies through a streamlined application development process with DevOps.
  • Realize faster returns with the rapid deployment of your applications on the most suitable cloud.
  • Seamless Migration to the cloud with minimized service disruption and outages.
  • Save the cost of operations with Managed Cloud Services.

Your Cloud Partner

The SmartX Cloud Migration Service

Gain an edge with SmartX Cloud Migration Service:

  • You can count on our extensive cloud migration experience to develop a migration strategy framework and roadmap for your company.
  • Our cloud experts help you choose the best-fit cloud services without provider and technology bias for your technical and financial objectives.
  • SmartX migration best practices are implemented to ensure migration success with minimal disruption.
  • We deliver end-to-end migration services tailored to your needs, from conducting Cloud PoC, discovering and assessing applications for migration, and developing application-specific migration plans to operating workload migration to the cloud, including refactoring and rearchitecting your legacy applications.
  • We help optimize cloud environments and workloads after migration to gain improved performance and cost savings.
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