About Us



SmartX Technologies is a fast-upcoming IT Solutions Provider born in the “as-a-Service” economy. We have special focus on IT Consulting and Integration Services and have capabilities in leading technologies such as Voice-First, Internet of Things, and everything cloud.

We serve global clients in areas including Voice First services, IoT, Integration of as-a-service components to create wholesome solutions that address real business problems.

SmartX owes its origins to over 60 man-years of wide-ranging experience, expertise and a passion for latest technologies. SmartX was incorporated early in the year 2019.
SmartX has a clear focus on picking those business problems that can be solved most effectively by the simple use of existing technologies and existing products. We believe that the burning need in the market is the application of existing and upcoming technologies in the most effective manner and solve business problems. We do not re-invent the wheel by re-creating software which already may exist elsewhere. We believe in innovative problem solving keeping our focus clearly on business outcomes.